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A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to do some video work that involved traveling and shooting some outdoor footage. I set the goal (mostly just made the statement that I wanted to do it) and then kind of just let it go to see what would happen.

Since then, we’ve traveled to Bandon and shot the gorgeous beaches there, as well as lions, tigers and bears at the West Coast Game Park Safari. We also spent the night in one of the luxurious Jacuzzi Suites at the Inn at Face Rock, in Bandon, and were treated to a deliciously huge lobster and prime rib dinner (we had shot the food for commercial footage, and SOMEBODY had to eat it lol). Christy and Tasha rode horses in the surf while I got some great shots. It was a lot of fun. We produced a commercial for them that’s on our Portfolio page and had a wonderful time staying there two nights.

My next travel adventure was in North Klamath County shooting outdoor footage for Discover Klamath. We saw some of the most beautiful Oregon scenery including lakes, rivers, lush forests and snow capped mountains. I got to stay in my own little cabin at Crescent Lake Resort and enjoyed the two days of meeting campers, boaters and the friendly local residents. I got a shot of a bald eagle soaring in a perfect blue sky, and some great footage of fun outdoor activities.

I spent yesterday afternoon at Osprey Point RV Resort and shot video for their commercial. People were excited to be in a commercial and I got some great footage of a couple on a wave-runner doing stunts about 10 feet from the dock I was standing on. Somehow my camera stayed dry! The food in the resort’s pub was really good. We needed pizza for a shot and, again, I helped out by eating some after the scene was done 🙂 (very generous of me huh?).  I got shots of campers having family barbecues, the resort amenities, boats passing by, travelers enjoying the sun, and a quick shot of a hovering osprey. It was a lot of fun and everyone was nice and helpful.

So, I’ve been able to travel and do some outdoor shooting in the last few months. I had set the goal, but not really taken any action to make it happen. I didn’t take any specific action anyway, no knocking on doors or calling around, but I have a good reputation for shooting and reliability, so that helps. The point I’m trying to make is that the act of stating a goal, or desired situation, with the faith/hope that you really want it to happen is very powerful stuff. Once you set your mind on something (positive or negative) you’ll find it presented nicely in your lap.

Food for thought…mmm pizza…drool.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Donovan

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