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Time for a Doozie…

You might want to flee while you have the chance hehe! But seriously folks, you’ve been warned. Something this long (ack! more than 140-characters), in this day and age, is like “War and Peace” written in Pig Latin 😉. LONG! Also, it’s probably best if you read this out loud in a funny voice, with sound effects (especially if you’re at work).

So we have these fear-based, automatic responses (*RAWR* reptilian brain says ATTACK!), and we wish to censor (or harm) those who “activate” these responses with their different appearances (Ewww! Those earrings are so Last Epoch, Becky!). Their beliefs seem to threaten or invalidate ours, especially when our concepts are shaky.

It seems like a big task to control everyone else. I’m thinking acceptance, self-esteem, and willingness to learn, could be a good alternative way to approach life. I mean, I don’t want to upset anyone with these “radical” notions, but c’mon people!

Them: Dear Lord Donovan, get a hobby I can’t take much more of this!
Me: I’m not sorry, this is my “hobby” and it’s important, so Neener Neener 😜.

Our concepts, no matter how sentimental or scary to examine (don’t question that, there’s hellfire waiting! Yikes, some of my old programming popping up), will never be a suitable replacement for basic faith, peace and love.

No one has to change their religious beliefs, unless they’re harmful, but seeing them from the perspective of their intended meaning certainly helps, and even increases our faith (well, duh! hey now, be nice).

I grew up in a Christian church in the middle of Nebraska. My upbringing was pretty conservative. My Mom inspired me to keep an open mind, do research and think for myself, and my Dad demonstrated that rough, irreverently funny, ex-Marines had amazingly tender hearts. I spent the last 30-years studying psychology, other world religions and philosophy (why yes, I’m definitely bragging 😇) , to better understand the simple, powerful truths that Jesus spoke about, because some of the things I was told as a kid, didn’t ring true in my heart. And I didn’t end up full of a bunch of new concepts all piled up like the Tower of Babel trying to reach my imagined version of Heaven, but I gained an openhearted understanding of Jesus’s teachings (yeah, but, you’re kind of a freak, Donovan).

Whew! Still with me?

Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”. An examined life is the narrow path, and it can be frightening, but that’s where faith and surrender come in 😊.

Anywho, all this information is out there (for free on the Internet or at your local library, even in the Bible), if you wish to explore faith in a daily, practical way. As always, this is my humble opinion, and something to consider if you’re feeling frustrated or stuck in these stressful times of mixed messages and hypocrisy on all fronts. So, think about it if you wanna. Maybe? Ack, Don’t Shoot! It wastes ammunition cuz I’m bulletproof baby 😜

Have a good day!

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