Losing It!

You may think the title of this blog refers to the third image in the picture strip above (and you may be right), but in this case “Losing It!” refers to losing weight. In August 2011, I made a commitment to improve my health and shed some pounds. I was tired of being tired and looking old for my age. I realized that I wasn’t getting any younger (an amazing insight, huh?) so I joined Gold’s Gym here in Eugene.

I decided to sign up for a trainer because I normally injure myself when I start a weight lifting/exercise program at home, plus I thought it would help motivate (force) me to stay with it since I set appointments to meet with the trainer three days per week. He showed me how to use many different machines/free-weights, and what muscles they would strengthen. Having a set routine for certain days of the week really helped me because I had a plan each time I walked in the door (less stress for someone who is into planning…alright, who whispered “OCD”? lol). I also learned about good nutrition. It’s amazing to think that I’ve lived most of my life being pretty clueless about eating healthy. Or more accurately, I chose to stay ignorant (there’s all kinds of good, free nutrition advice online). Of course, I knew the basic rules, but I sure didn’t follow them very closely, and junk food was so comforting when I was stressed out! Not knowing about good nutrition, being sedentary sitting at a computer to edit video most of the day, watching too much TV at night, and having heart disease “in the family”, was leading to a pretty predictable end.

As of today, I’ve lost 45 lbs. I go to the gym four days a week. I do 30-minutes of cardio (the elliptical machine) and 30-minutes of weight lifting each visit. I eat mostly natural, whole foods now, and “cheat” rarely (now that I’m eating healthy stuff, the junk food makes me feel kind of sick). I feel stronger and younger than I have in a long time. There isn’t a deep philosopical point, or punchline to this post, but I’m proud of myself for sticking with it. I encourage you to care more about your health if you haven’t been. Stress, fear, depression, bad habits and ignorance of a healthy lifestyle simply aren’t good excuses. I know from personal experience.

As far as the picture above is concerned, I like it, my sweetheart Christy took it, and if you look at the other pictures of me on this site, you can see the difference. I look as young and handsome as a 20-something guy – you’ll notice that I’ve turned off the ability for people to post comments 🙂

Here are two websites that I’ve used to learn about exercise and good nutrition:
Livestrong.com has lots of great articles, recipes, and nutrition facts.
FatSecret.com can help you keep track of calories consumed/burned (never thought I’d be a “calorie counter” but this site makes it easy), plus they have a cool smart phone app that you can download for free.

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