Hip to Be Square

With a title like “Hip to Be Square” you may flash back on the frenetic 80’s music video by Huey Lewis & the News, but I’m talking about an even cooler way to be “square”. You know…now that I think about it,  I may not be cool enough to pull off this “clever” intro with such intricate word-play, so I will get straight to the point lol.

We found a very cool product/service called “Square”. It’s a tiny square-ish device (pictured at left) that you plug into your Android or iPhone. Square enables you to accept credit/debit card payments anywhere you have a phone signal. It’s super-fast, easy, paperless billing.

I’m a tech-junkie who loves gadgets, so I had to get this little thing. Amazingly enough, the device is free. No strings or wires attached. After downloading the free “Square” application to your smart phone, you simply enter the amount of payment, slide a credit card through the slot and hit “Charge”. It even gives you options to enter a description, take a picture of the item being purchased and send a receipt to the customer who signs for the transaction on the phone’s touch screen!

Of course there’s a small fee (around 3%) per transaction, but imagine being able to get paid on the spot for your work. Whether you’re an aspiring musician who just played a gig at a local pub, a plumber, or a much loved video producer (see “About Me”), this item could help you get paid a lot faster.

I’m not getting paid to endorse this product (although I won’t refuse mysterious bundles of unmarked bills under our doormat) I just thought it was a brilliant idea that could help a lot of small businesses. Getting paid for your work, and dealing with billing can be frustrating for any business owner. Most of the time, it’s fine and people pay as promised, but having to chase down someone to pay what they owe is stressful.

So, this is our official announcement that you can now pay for our production services on the spot with a credit/debit card. We also accept online payments through PayPal. Learn more about Square at  their website www.SquareUp.com and take another step into the future (cue old “Star Trek” music). Beam me up!

Watch a Square Video on YouTube

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