A Message in the Snow from Justise

Eugene, OR has had record snow levels the past few days, and many people are stuck because the roads are so bad. People with 4-wheel drive have no problem getting around, but watch out for them if you’re walking on the sidewalk. If they zip by too close, you’ll get a slushy shower.

I have been in the new studio for two days finalizing the move-in. I hadn’t been outside (other than to check the mail) for 48-hours. I decided to venture out because I needed some rations (mostly ice cream and TV Dinners). My wonderful, new friend Justise (that’s her in the picture) left me a message in the show. Now stop what you’re thinking right now, that’s not what I mean lol. Check out the video below, and you’ll see what a nice thing she did for this “stranded” nut 🙂

It’s funny to note that my friend and I were just discussing/complaining about people shooting videos “vertically” with their phones, then I do it. Especially since I’m a video producer lol. Thank you, Justise! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed looking out my window to see your message!

– Stay Happy, Safe and Warm out there, Donovan

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